CAPTAIN Sevinc, Born in 1969 in Bodrum, and has traveling from early age, He began his career as diver and had licence as “instructor” diver, he began his career as “seaman” his late 20ies as Deck Hand and gradually passing all exams and completing regulation became Master Degree Open Sea Captain up to 3000 ton, invaluable experience captaining Mediterranean type motor sailors as Nialanca and he is with us now since 2009,


Selcuk has grown up in İstanbul, had his high school education and converted to became “seaman” as engineer, this 35 years old young man – single – with us since 2009 and all machinery under his control and experiment,


CHEF Kadir is master cook for Turkish Cuisine as well as İtalian cuisine and particularly for “healthy” concept for less fattening and semi diabetic recipes which often very preferable meal on board. He is married with 2 young kids, living in Bodrum,


ABLE SEAMAN Mutlu is with us since 2009, born in 1982 in Milas, his job is his hobby too and he loves being on board and helping sharing his experience, his talent with kids is invaluable for us,


Linda Claire born in Switzerland but she found her love under Aegean Sea, She is leaving in Bodrum since 1992, perfect can speak Turkish, French, English, İtalian, German, Our guest always enjoyed her quality service and practicality and sharing experiences,


” ]Ezgi has just graduated from college and became “captain” for small crafts, This young girl – 20 – still with us since 2010 and practicing all level of seaman ship, particularly working with Linda pleasing our guests and learning her profession in practice,